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A New Age for Barbers

Welcome to the Cut By Daino blog. So this is something new that I'm gonna try and keep consistent to connect with my growing audience and to grow with them as well. Crazy to think i started this journey a little over 6 years ago. I'm constantly surprising myself on the progress and results of my hard work and dedication to the trade.

Right now as I write I'm thinking that my 19 year old self never would have thought that I would be considering writing a blog but here we are. In the new age of barbering an online presence is unfortunately a necessity. Although the benefits of the internet allow us to reach higher goals than our predecessors, I often envy the simplistic pre internet era. That being said follow me and all the content i decide to put up here. Hopefully we can actually make something kinda entertaining and allow me to create a medium for clients and others to have a perspective in the life of Daino.

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